Technical Details

Technical details for the restoration of “Dessert at Dan Leno’s House”

  • 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Academy format 4 x 3 ratio [old -fashioned TV]
  • The film consists of 632 frames. There are missing frames, but it is likely that these were deliberately removed when the cards were mounted onto the reel, in order to have some control at which point the film ends [although it does end rather abruptly].

The scans of the cards will be preserved as files on a DVD as follows:

  • The original short test
  • The standard definition animation
  • The high definition scans untouched
  • The high definition scans cleaned
  • The film as an HD film [embedded in a 16 x 9 frame] original frames only
  • The film as an HD film [embedded in a 16 x 9 frame] with the missing frames interpolated
  • Any supporting material
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