The Restoration Journey

“Dessert at Dan Leno’s House”: The story so far

Studio 1919 have:

  • Assessed the material
  • Produced a 100 frame / 6 second test animation
  • Scanned all cards at better than high definition
  • Levelled the values [removed fading on individual cards]
  • Replaced broken edges where parts of cards were missing
  • Produced inter-frames where whole frames were missing
  • Corrected frame-shake
  • Produced a 16 frame per second compilation for assessment
  • Produced a three-minute introductory promotional film to accompany the premiere at the British Music Hall Society’s 50th anniversary celebrations


  • Areas of scratching round the faces are being removed frame by frame by hand
  • The process continues as we continue to assess how much more of the scratching can and should be removed
  • Ultimately intending to produce versions in high definition at 24 frames [film speed] 25 frames [British TV] and 30 frames [US TV] per second
  • In order that the material will survive into the future, the restoration will be presented to film archives and museums around the world
  • Next – The Dan Leno Project: Producing a 60 minute documentary
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